Rattanhaus is situated in the industrial area of Montague Gardens, Cape Town and the factory is ownerrun by the Directors themselves, being 100 % woman owned.

The dire worldwide shortage of natural cane, depletion of the natural cane environments in the Far East, and the ever-increasing demand for quality outdoor furniture, presented us with the opportunity to setup a local manufacturing plant in South Africa. Around 90 % of Rattan (synthetic wicker) outdoor furniture currently available in South Africa is imported and most often lacks quality workmanship together with the use of inferior raw materials.

Notwithstanding the above, one of the biggest problems our country is faced with is the negative effect imports have on our economy. Foreign imports not only cause our local businesses to close down but creates huge unemployment problems.

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing and producing quality products to accommodate the African climate, together with experience in retail and providing service of excellence to customers, Rattanhaus was established in 2013.

Rattanhaus produces locally manufactured Rattan furniture of the highest quality and workmanship. We are able to offer our customers a variety of colours and weaving styles, which until now were only available when imported. Rattanhaus supplies outdoor furniture for residential use, restaurants, hotels, hospitality industry and many more.

Current Country Projects:
South Africa

Our furniture is entirely manufactured using local products as well as local labour. Weaving has always been a strong component of the African culture and our local weavers hand-weave each piece of furniture individually by hand.

The process starts where Aluminium is purchased locally and then bent according to each design and welded together. All furniture frames are manufactured from 6063-T6 commercial grade Aluminium.

It is widely assumed that Aluminium lasts forever, but if not treated, especially when near the coast, aluminium does in fact corrode. After our frames are structured, each frame is powder coated to ensure the Aluminium is well protected and resistant to corrosion and damage from the elements. The powder coated aluminium will retard rust, corrosion and general weakening of the metal when it is exposed to a variety of weather conditions.

Once our frames are powder coated it is time for the weavers to weave their magic to produce the finest quality furniture. All furniture is hand woven from our own on-site produced Rattan. Unlike the furniture imported from the Far East which is mostly manufactured using second to fourth generation recycled material, our Rattan is manufactured from Virgin (new) HDPE and is available in various colours. All Rattan is UV resistant (specifically for the African climate), weather and temperature resistant, moisture resistant, strong and durable, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable, lightweight, easy to clean and maintain as well as light and scratch resistant.

Our local seamstresses create comfortable cushions using only the best quality material from reputable suppliers. The fabrics are manufactured specifically for outdoor use and are weatherproof, colourfast and carry a minimum of a 1-year guarantee. Customers have a choice of a wide variety of fabric designs and colours to choose from.